spinning heavy duty turbine vent
Plumbing Pipe Flanges
  • Plumbing Vent Stack Covers 
  • Copper and Colored to Match Roof
  • Heavy Gauge Metal
  • Easy to Install on Any Roof
  • In 2", 3", 4", 5", 6" Round
Chimney Caps and Storm Collars
  • Chimney Caps in Copper and Steel
  • Adapt to All Chimneys
  • Rain Shanty Caps
  • Wind Directional Caps
  • Cone Top Caps
  • Vacuum Caps
Turbine Vents - Commercial Vents
  • Heavy Gauge Residential 
          and Commercial Uses
  • Many sizes from 4" to 48" Large
  • Multiple Exhaust Uses with 
          Gravity Ventilation
  • Turbine Vents or Globe Vent Styles
Fresh Air Intake
  • Screened Only for Fresh Air Intake
  • Fireplace, Stove, Furnace Intake
  • Combustion Air Vent
  • Gas Appliance Intake
  • HRV/ERV Intake
  • Fresh Air Return and Make Up Air
Kitchen Range - Bath Fan Exhaust
  • Wall or Roof Mount Exhaust of Kitchen or 
  Bath Appliances and Fans
  • Screen, Damper or Both
  • Round or Rectangular 
  • Copper, Stainless, and Steel
  • Outside Wall Exhaust Vents
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Premium Quality Outside Metal Vent Covers
  • Heavy Duty Copper Vents, Stainless Steel Vents, Galvanized Steel Outside Vent Covers
  • Accent Your Building Exterior with Superior American Made Ventilation Products
  • Product Outlasts and Outperforms Comparable Plastic and Thin Metal Models
  • Quick Delivery to your Address or Jobsite and Email Confirmation of Shipment
  • Free Vent Samples for Inspection and Submission for Larger Multi Unit Projects
heavy metal side wall air intake vent with screen
copper range hood wall vent
Roof Caps
  • Roof Caps and Dampered Exhaust Vents
  • Ventilate Exhaust from:
Kitchen Fans and Hoods
Range Hoods
Bathroom Fans
Furnace or Boilers etc
heavy duty metal  roof vent caps
External Vent Products Available Online
Wall Vents
  • With Damper, Screen, or Both  
  • Fresh Air Intake or Exhaust Vents
  • Use for Ventilating:
Furnace, Fireplace,Boiler,
Bathroom, Kitchen Range
Garage, Rainscreen
Dryer Vents 
  • Exhaust Through Side Wall or Roof 
  • Metal Dryer Damper
  • Sizes 3", 4", 5",6" and Up
  • Copper, Stainless and Galvanized
  • Fit All Dryer Models
  • Exterior Vent Covers That Last

copper dryer wall vent with air flapper
stainless steel in wall vent cap
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Eave Vents - Gable Vents
  • Round EaveVents in Copper and Steel
  • Fresh Air Intake or Exhaust Vents
  • Heavy Gauge Metal and Screen
  • Exhaust Bath Fan or Other Fans
  • In 4", 6", 8" and 10"
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Gravity Ventilators
  • Roof Vents for Homes, Warehouses
          Barns, Commercial and Industrial
  • Available in sizes from 3" up to 48"
  • Heavy Duty Metal Options
  • Wind Resistant Design

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rotating wind directional chimney smoke blocker cap
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heavy duty wind blocking ventilator cap
American Made Metal Vents from Luxury Metals
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Energy Saving Duct Dampers
  • Duct Dampers With Foam Seal
  • Prevent Hot and Cold Air Escape
  • Air Driven Insert Dampers or

Wind Defender Wall Vents
  • Wind Guard Prevents Rattling Damper
  • Damper Closure Saves Energy
  • Bird and Pest Proof
  • Good for Multi-Tenant Projects

wind proof outside wall vent cap
energy efficient backdraft dampers for kitchen or bath venting
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Log Post End Caps
  • Thick Metal Log Caps Prevent Deterioration
  • Adds Beautiful Accents to Exposed Log Ends
  • Copper, Metal, Black, Brown, Custom Colors  
  • Sun, Rain, Snow Protection 
  • Available in 1" Increments

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  • For Condos, Apartments and Large Projects
  • Customization Available Based on Need
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  • Wood Pallet Shipped 
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