--> Plumbing Vent Pipe Boot Covers by Luxury Metals
  • Cheap Rubber Boots Fail - Our Metal Design Lasts
  • Easily Installed Over Existing Cheap Vent Boots
  • Covers Ugly White or Black Plastic Pipe
  • American Made Quality Roof Vent Pipe Boot
  • Frost Resistant Flange Placed Over PVC Pipe

Technical Details
  • Copper, Galvanized, or Painted Colors
  • Available for Flat, Standard or Steep Pitch
  • Sizes in 2", 3", 4", 5", and 6"
  • Quality Adjustable Lead Ring on Top
  • 2 Sleeve Telescopic Design For Adjusting Height

Upgrade Your Roof Vent Pipe Boot and Cover 
Solution Graphics
Copper Plumbing Roof Vent Pipe Boot
Long Term Weather Proofing Plumbing Vent Cover That's Installed Over The Cheap Rubber Flange
Black Roof Vent Pipe Boot That Blends into Your Roof
vent stack flange

Product        Metal    PipeSize
 Plumbing Flange    Copper        2"           $95.00                      $95.00                                  $115.00
 Plumbing Flange    Copper        3"           $110.00                      $110.00                                  $125.00
 Plumbing Flange    Copper        4"           $115.00                      $115.00                                   $135.00
 Plumbing Flange    Copper        5"         $125.00                     $125.00                                  $145.00
 Plumbing Flange    Copper        6"         $135.00                     $135.00                                  $165.00
Standard Pitch
 Flat Roof
Steep Pitch
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copper roof boot cover
Galvanized Plumbing Roof Vent Pipe Boot

Product         Metal       PipeSize
 Plumbing Flange  Galvanized       2"         $40.00                      $40.00                                 $50.00
 Plumbing Flange  Galvanized       3"         $45.00                      $45.00                                55.00
 Plumbing Flange  Galvanized       4"         $50.00                      $50.00                                $60.00
 Plumbing Flange  Galvanized       5"         $50.00                      $60.00                                 $70.00
Steep Pitch
Standard Pitch
 Flat Roof
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metal plumbing boot flashing to cover roof pipe
Painted Metal Plumbing Roof Vent Pipe Boot
brown coated metal roof pipe boot with adjustable top
Works on Any Roof 
  • Flat Roof Flashing for Application on Flat Roofs
  • Standard Pitch Roof Flashing for 1/12 to 11/12 Pitched Roofs (Adjustable)
  • Steep Pitch Roof Flashing for 5/12 to 15/12 Pitched Roofs (Adjustable)

  • Tough Kynar Coating
  • Pictured in Brown
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Design Advantage
  • The telescopic plumbing roof flange design expands and contracts as the roof temperature changes, the building settles, etc. This allows for no movement or breaking of the seal. 
  • There are no rubber components in the plumbing flange to split or crack from the sun or weather exposure.  

Your new roof lasts 30-50 years. 
Use a Pipe Boot Cover that will last as long! 
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Black Roof Plumbing Flange Installed
Brown Plumbing Flashing over PVC Installed
Galvanized Thick Metal Roof Flashing
Galvanized Plumbing Vent Pipe Cover Installed
Roof Vent Pipe Boot Installed
   Product          Metal  Size   Price

Std Pitch Pipe Boot   Painted          2"  $54.00  
Std Pitch Pipe Boot   Painted          4"  $64.00  
Std Pitch Pipe Boot   Painted          3"  $54.00  
Steep Pitch Boot       Painted          2"  $64.00  
Steep Pitch Boot       Painted          4"  $74.00  
Steep Pitch Boot       Painted          3"  $64.00  
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             Black               Gray              Brown
***Standard Pitch Pipe Boot Adjustable for 1/12 to 11/12 pitched roofs***
***Steep Pitch Pipe Boot Adjustable for 5/12 to 15/12 pitched roofs***

Adjustable Triangular Cavity Fits Over the Existing Cheap Rubber Boot


  • Will Not Crack or Split from Sun or Weather
  • Totally Encloses the Top of Vent Pipe
  • Allows Minimal Obstruction to Pipe Opening
  • Is Malleable and Conforms to Inside of Sewer Pipe
  • Ring Clamp Creates Double Seal of Pipe
  • Long Lasting - 30-50 Years
  • Telescoping Design Allows the Lead Seal to Remain Undisturbed by Expansion and Contraction of the Roof
  • Lead Top
  • Telescoping Sleeve
copper roof pipe boot vent cover
roof vent pipe boot cover covers existing cheap rubber pipe boots that have failed
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