copper round connect wall vent cap
16 oz copper chimney cap
copper rectangular connect exhaust vent cap
Copper Range Hood Vent for Exterior Installation
Copper Dryer Vent

Round Copper Wall Vents
Copper Wall Vents
Copper Roof Vents 
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copper attic roof or exhaust vent cap with round connection
Copper Vents
Key Product Specifications
  •  Roof mount exhaust vent for kitchen, bath or other appliances. 
  • Ventilate attic space and lower cooling costs in the summer months.
  • 1/4 inch bug screen installed in hood 
Product Options
  • Material - 16 oz. Copper (26 Gauge)
  • 4" style has crimped corners
  • Pipe/Throat Size - 4", 6", 8", 10"
Copper Roof Caps
Accent Your Building Exterior With Our High Quality Heavy Gauge Copper Vents 
Use Decorative Long Lasting Copper Vents vs. Plastic or Thin Metal Products
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Rect Wall Vent         Copper        3-1/4"h X 10"w       $115.00              
 (Damper & Screen)       
Key Product Specifications
  • Rectangular shape fits ducting for Range Hoods, Kitchen or Microwave Venting or other exhaust needs.
  • 1/4 copper bug screen 
Product Options
  • Material - 16 oz. Copper (26 Gauge)
  • Available with Damper, Screen or Both
  • Sizes Available: 3.25 x 10 Inch
Copper Rectangular Wall Vents
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Rect Wall Vent         Copper        3-1/4"h X 10"w       $115.00        
  (Damper Only)       

Rect Wall Vent         Copper        3-1/4"h X 10"w       $115.00                  
   (Screen Only)       
Key Product Specifications
Exhaust Ventilation
  • Use for exhausting dryer, bath fans, range hoods, kitchen fans, or other appliances.
  • Use for fresh air intake for furnace, boiler, gas appliances or HRVs.

Product Options
  • Material - 16 oz. Cold Rolled Copper (26 Gauge)
  • Vent Cover - With Damper, Screen or Both
  • Pipe/Throat Size - 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 10"
  • Available with No Throat & Custom Pipe Lengths
  • How Will My Copper Vent Patina? (change color)

Product        Metal         Size             Price                    

Rain Cap    Copper   4"     $84.00                       
Rain Cap    Copper   6"     $104.00                       
Rain Cap    Copper   8"              $152.00                        
Rain Cap    Copper  10"             $176.00                       
Rain Cap    Copper  12"            $210.00                              
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Copper Rain Cap Vents -- Also called Cone Top Vents or Shanty Caps, this product may be used as an all weather cap to prevent snow and rain from entering your chimney pipe.  
                                                 Box of 4
Product       Metal          Size             Price                           

Roof Cap    Copper   4"     $66.00                           $188.00
Roof Cap    Copper   6"     $86.00                           $264.00
Roof Cap    Copper   8"              $108.00                           $312.00
Roof Cap    Copper  10"           $150.00                          $456.00
Copper Roof Vent Cap with Round Connection and Flashing
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 Product Metal          Size          Price    


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Butterfly Dampers HERE                   
Round copper eave 4 inch round through 10 inch round
Eave Vent       Copper     4"   $39.00
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Round Copper Eave Vents
Made of 16oz colled rolled copper, this screened eave vent can be used for exhaust or intake and installed under the eave of the home.  Under eave vent for 4"- 10" exhaust pipe or duct  Eave Vent Dimensions
Copper Chimney Caps
copper roof vent with damper and screen for pitched roof
Key Product Specifications
  • USES: Dryer Exhaust, Kitchen Hood Exhaust, Bathroom Exhaust, other indoor ventilation exhaust.
  • Damper installed to prevent downdraft 
  • Screen: 1/4 inch mesh screen in hood 
  • Made of heavy 26 gauge copper
Product Options
  • Materials - 16 oz. Copper (26 Gauge)
  • Copper Vent - Available in 4", 6" & 8" 
  • Email us for 6 x 10" Connection Pricing
  • For use on pitched roofs only

Copper Dampered Vent for Roof Mount Exhaust
   Product               Metal         Size          Price
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Dampered Vent    Copper         4"  $124.00                     $496.00

Dampered Vent    Copper 6"          $147.00                    $588.00
copper roof vent with damper and removable screen
Product          Metal       Size       Price

Wall VentCopper3" $76.00   
Wall VentCopper5" $80.00  
Wall VentCopper        7"        $91.00         
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          Damper Only    Screen Only      W/Both
Wall VentCopper8" $139.00  
Wall VentCopper6" $84.00  
Wall VentCopper4" $77.00   
Wall VentCopper      10"       $149.00  
Roof Cap    Copper   3"     $59.00                           $184.00

Dampered Vent    Copper 8"          $163.00                    $652.00
Eave Vent       Copper     8"   $49.00
Eave Vent       Copper     6"   $44.00
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  • Quick Turnaround
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Copper Cone Shanty Top for Round Connection
Copper Eave Soffits and Gables
copper roof pipe boot flashing
copper round eave soffit vent
Round Style Eave
Click Picture Below for Additional Copper Soffit or Foundation Venting
Copper Foundation or Soffit  Vent
Flat Copper Eave Vent
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16 oz copper gable end vent with louvers and screen
Copper Plumbing Flanges
Louvered Gable End
Copper Exterior Vent Marketing Flyer
Copper Rectangular Gable End Vent with Louvers

Dampered Vent    Copper 10"         $193.00                    $772.00
Eave Vent       Copper     10"  $65.00
Copper Louvered Gable Vents
Beautiful 16oz  copper gable end vents not available in stores. Our flush mount copper gable vent is hand made sturdy with a tight copper bug screen behind the louvers to keep pests out. Allow for 3-4 days manufacture time. Call or email for pricing for different sizes, styles and quantity discounts. 
  Product             Metal          Size             Price    


Note these are Flush Mount. Call for Flange on Back or Recessed Mount Gable Vents
Call for Special Sizing

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Louvered Gable        Copper  12" Wide x 16" Tall $225.00
Louvered Gable        Copper  14" Wide x 18" Tall $265.00
Louvered Gable        Copper  16" Wide x 20" Tall $295.00
Louvered Gable        Copper  18" Wide x 22" Tall $325.00
Louvered Gable        Copper  20" Wide x 24" Tall $365.00
Pictured in Copper 12 x 16 Inch with Pest Screen in back
Additional Copper Foundation and Soffit Options  
The copper soffit and foundation vents below were previously custom orders only, but due to popular demand we are now producing them for purchase. Allow 3-4 days manufacturing production time plus shipping.
Box of 4
    Product                          Metal         Size            Price    

Note these are Flat and Screw Holes are Not Punched. Copper Screen in Back
Email or Call for Special Sizing

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Rectangular Copper Eave or Soffit Vent
Copper Soffit or Foundation Vent
Pictured  8 x 16 Inch with Copper Screen in back
 Flat Foundation/Soffit             Copper   6" Tall x 16" Wide  $59.00
 Flat Foundation/Soffit             Copper   8" Tall x 16" Wide  $69.00
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   Product                     Metal          Size              Price  

Note these are Flat Faced Covers Riveted to a 2" Connection Throat. These Eave Vents can be screwed through the face and directly into the soffit or connected by sliding over existing metal ductwork

Butterfly Dampers HERE   

Flush Mount Copper Eave Vent
Copper Eave Vent with Flange for Screw Soffit Mount and 2" Throat in Back
 Flat Faced Eave w/ Throat      Copper  4" Round Connect $39.00
 Flat Faced Eave w/ Throat      Copper  6" Round Connect $45.00
 Flat Faced Eave w. Throat      Copper  8" Round Connect $55.00
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Copper Spinning Turbine Vent

     Product            Metal              Size                 Price                           
Copper Turbine Vents  
Beautiful Copper Turbine Vents are effective at expelling heat and decorative additions to any building. 
Turbine Specs and Details HERE     Stainless Steel Turbines HERE
Allow 3-4 days manufacturing production time plus shipping.
Copper Spinning Turbine Vents
Turbine       Copper   4"     $160.00                           
Turbine       Copper   6"     $180.00                           
Turbine       Copper   8"     $200.00                           
Turbine       Copper         10"     $240.00                           
Turbine       Copper 12"     $300.00                           
For Larger Sizes or Quantity Quotes or Copper Roof Bases 
Please Email [email protected]
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Installed Copper Vents
Flat Louvered Copper Vent
Installed 4" Copper Turbine Pic#1 & Pic #2