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Butterfly Backdraft Dampers
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butterfly backdraft damper prevents outside air intrusion
Details and Benefits
  • Quiet Efficient Foamed Mechanism
  • Used for Fan Exhaust Vent or Air Intake
  • Durable 26 Gauge Metal Thickness
  • Round 3" to 24" Duct Dampers
  • No Rusting Hinges or Springs
  • Easy Install Based on Airflow Direction
  • Larger sizes available upon request
  • Do not install vertically facing downward
Money Back Guarantee - Fast Shipping - Heavy Quality
Butterfly Damper          3"            $27.00  
Butterfly Damper          6"            $29.00  
Butterfly Damper          8"            $35.00  
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Butterfly Backdraft Dampers prevent the flow of outside air into a house through ducting when either an exhaust fan or intake is off.  These sensitive butterfly dampers will accomplish this with minimal effect on the exhaust stream while providing a good seal against backdrafts. Click Here for Motorized Zone Dampers
Duct Dampers With Foam Seal For Air Intake or Exhaust
Butterfly Damper
Butterfly Damper          7"            $32.00  
Butterfly Damper          5"            $28.00  
Butterfly Damper          4"            $27.00  
duct air damper with foam
Butterfly Damper         10"           $45.00  
Butterfly Damper         12"           $49.00  
Butterfly Damper         14"           $65.00  
Additional Information About our Backdraft Duct Dampers
Backdraft dampers prevent air leakage in your inline fan setup. These backdraft dampers are made out of steel and are designed for vertical or horizontal mounting, made of galvanized steel,  and have lightweight aluminum damper blades The backdraft dampers are easy to install and are an important part of installing a duct fan system for kitchen, bath and other applications. These dampers install inside the circular ducting to prevent a backdraft of air when the fans are switched off. The backdraft shutters are available to fit 4",5",6",8",10",12" and 14" ducting. These inline backdraft dampers ship via UPS Ground for normal dellivery or Fed Ex for 2nd or Next Day Delivery. 

Click Here for MOTORIZED DAMPERS (24 and 120 Volt-Sized 4" to 12")
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Butterfly Damper         16"           $95.00  
Butterfly Damper         18"           $125.00  
Butterfly Damper         20"           $155.00  
Butterfly Damper         24"         $195.00  
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