**Important Safety Details**

After installation of the vent, always test for proper functioning of magnetic damper door to assure that it will open properly on the lowest fan setting. Smaller magnets are used on smaller diameter vents requiring less CFM air flow, but settings vary so testing and inspection is important. Example: (A 4 inch dryer vent cover must open at a force of 50 CFM) Call or email us right away if the damper door doesn't open on the lowest fan setting and we will replace the vent free of charge.
Eliminate Heat Loss and Create a Tight Energy Seal with Energy Saver Vents!
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Energy Efficient Foam & Magnet Pad Seal - Wind Rattle Proof - Animal Resistant
keep cold air out of your vents
tight energy seal range vent
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Galvanized Energy Saver Magnetic Damper Wall Vents 
Product         Metal              Size   Price

Energy Saver        Galvanized         4"   $49.00  
Energy Saver        Galvanized         6"   $55.00  
Energy Saver        Galvanized         8"   $61.00  
Energy Saver        Galvanized        10"  $71.00  
Energy Saver        Galvanized        12"  $85.00  
Energy Saver        Galvanized         7"   $59.00  
Energy Saver        Galvanized         5"   $53.00  
Energy Saver        Galvanized         3"   $48.00  
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          W/ Damper        W/ Damper & Screen
energy saver magnetic damper wall vent stays shut
Damper Stays Shut When Tilted Forward
Energy Saver        Galvanized     3.25 x 10"    $50.00  
Energy Saver            Black        3.25 x 10"    $59.00  
Energy Saver            Black        3.25 x 12"    $69.00  
Energy Saver            Black        3.25 x 14"    $74.00  
Smaller Vents with Lower CFM Air Flow use Smaller Magnets on the Damper Door

Always Test for Proper Opening After Installation
energy efficient exterior vent cap
Energy Saver Wall Vents
Made with Rigid Thicker Gauge American Sourced Galvanized Steel, These Vents Rock!

Don't Waste Time or Money on Cheap Metal or Plastic Vents from Other Sources. Do it Right the First Time!
Energy Saver Wall Vent Uses

When Purchasing: Select Both Magnetic Damper and Screen for All Uses Except Dryer Venting. It is a Building Code Violation to Use a Dryer Vent with a Screen. The Screen will Plug with Lint and Create a Fire Hazard.

Use Damper and Screen for Bathroom Venting, Kitchen Range Hood Venting, Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Venting, General Exhaust.
(Note Screen is Not Removable)

Use Damper Only for Clothes Dryer Venting

For Air Intake with No Damper Click Here

For Vent Measurements and Specs Click Here 

For quantity quotes and custom powder coating options: Email [email protected] 

Allow 2 Day Lead For Product to Ship. Vents are Stocked without Magnets. Magnets Must be Added Prior to Shipment
All Energy Saver Wall Vents Now Come with Standard  Wind Guard in Addition to Magnetic Damper Door
Additional Product Details

  • Made from 26 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Hand Checked Before Shipment
  • Sizes3 Inches to 12 Inches and Measurements Correspond with the Diameter of Manufacturer Specified Exhaust Ducting. 
  • Throat Length of Wall Vent is 8.5" Long & Installs over Crimped Duct End. Custom Throat Length Available for Block or Thick Insulated Walls. Email Dave for Details

  Common Vent Sizes:
  • Standard Dryer Vent: 4" Diameter
  • Standard Bath Vent: 4" Diameter
  • Standard Portable AC Vent: 5" Diameter
  • Standard Microwave Vent: 3.25 x 10"
  • Kitchen Range Vents: Range from 5" to 12" Diameter or 3.25 x 10", 3.25 x 12", 3.25 x 14" and 6 x 10" Rectangular
  • Standard Rectangle to Round Duct Boot Conversions: 6" or 7" Round to 3.25 x 10"
          (available at Home Depot or Lowes)
efficient wall vent
tight energy seal dryer vent
painted magnetic wall cap
View from Bottom
4" Round Energy Saver Dryer Vent
Side View 3.25 x 10" 
Black Powder Coated Galvanized
View from Bottom
3.25 x 10" Rectangle Connect
Side View 4" Round 
Custom Coated Wall Vent
Side View 6" Round 
Galvanized Energy Saver
Vent Penetrations in Any Structure are Potential Areas of Great Energy Loss and Inefficiency. Luxury Metals Energy Saver Vents Prevent Cold and Hot Outside Air Infiltration at These Weak Points and Will Save You Money.