Fresh Air Vents Made of Copper and Steel
Fresh Air Intake for Furnaces, Fireplaces, Water Heaters, Boilers, Pellet Stoves, Heat Recovery Ventilator Units, ERV's, Portable Air Conditioners and Other Fresh Air Needs
Product         Metal       Size       Price

Wall VentCopper3" $76.00   
Wall VentCopper5" $80.00  
Wall VentCopper       7"         $91.00         
Product       Metal             Size   Price

Wall Vent    Galvanized         3"   $37.00  
Wall Vent    Galvanized         6"   $42.00  
Wall Vent    Galvanized         8"   $48.00  
Wall Vent    Galvanized        10"  $70.00  
Wall Vent   Galvanized         12"  $80.00  
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Galvanized Air Intake
                                 With Screen
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Product       Metal              Size   Price

Wall Vent    Stainless            8"   $139.00  
Wall Vent    Stainless          10"  $149.00  
Wall Vent    Stainless          12"  $149.00  
Wall Vent    Stainless            6"   $84.00  
Wall Vent    Stainless            4"   $77.00  
                With Screen
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Stainless Air Intake
Premium Craftsmanship to Accent Your Home's Exterior
Bring Outside Air in for Combustion Air or Indoor Air Quality and Natural Ventilation
   Product Detail
metal w. 1/4" screen to prevent pest entry
  • Durable 26 gauge metal thickness
  • Available 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 10" all materials 
  • Pipe/Throat 8.5" Stainless & Galv 5" in Copper 
  • 1/8 inch screen available upon request
Wall VentCopper8" $139.00  
Wall VentCopper6" $84.00  
Wall VentCopper4" $77.00   
Wall Vent    Stainless            7"   $91.00  
Wall Vent    Stainless            5"   $80.00  
Wall Vent    Stainless            3"   $76.00  
Wall Vent    Galvanized         7"   $46.00  
Wall Vent    Galvanized         5"   $41.00  
Wall Vent    Galvanized         4"   $39.00  
metal side wall fresh air intake vent
copper wall air intake vent with screen
Copper fresh air vent
Copper Air Intake
metal air intake vent cap
Wall VentCopper      10"      $149.00  
                With Screen
stainless steel fresh air intake
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