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Stainless Vacuum Cap
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Stainless Rain Cap on Chimney
Stainless Wall Vent in Block wall
Stainless Range Hood Vent
Stainless Dryer Vent
Round Stainless Wall Vent Caps
Stainless Wall Vents
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Stainless Steel Vent Caps
Key Product Specifications
  •  Roof mount exhaust vent for kitchen, bath or other appliances. Air Intake
  • Ventilate attic space and lower cooling costs in the summer months.
  • 1/8 inch bug screen installed in hood 
Product Options
  • Material - 304 grade stainless (26 Gauge)
  • 4" style has crimped corners
  • Pipe/Throat Size - 4", 6", 7", 8", 10",12"
Stainless Roof Caps
Toughen Up Your Exterior Vents With Our High Quality Heavy Stainless Vent Caps
Use Sleek Long Lasting Stainless Steel Vents vs. Plastic or Cheap Metal Vents
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 Rect Wall Vent            Stainless        3-1/4"h X 10"w   $115.00                   
Stainless Rectangular Exhaust
Key Product Specifications
  • Rectangular shape fits ducting for Range Hoods, Kitchen or Microwave Venting or other exhaust needs.
  • 1/4 stainless bug screen (removable)
Product Options
  • Material - 304 b (26 Gauge) Stainless Steel
  • Available with Damper and Screen
  • Sizes Available: 3.25 x 10, 12 & 14"
Stainless Rectangular Wall Vents
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 Rect Wall Vent            Stainless        3-1/4"h X 12"w   $105.00                          

 Rect Wall Vent            Stainless        3-1/4"h X 14"w   $125.00                              
Key Product Specifications
Exhaust or Intake Ventilation
  • Use for exhausting dryer, bath fans, range hoods, kitchen fans, or other appliances.
  • Use for fresh air intake for furnace, boiler, gas appliances or HRVs. (screen only)

Product Options
  • Material - 304 b (26 Gauge) Stainless Steel
  • Vent Cover - With Damper, Screen or Both
  • Pipe/Throat Size - 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 10", 12"
  • Available w/ No Throat & Custom Pipe Lengths

  ProductMetalSize             Price                    

Rain Cap    Stainless   4"     $44.00                       
Rain Cap    Stainless   6"     $64.00                       
Rain Cap    Stainless   8"              $72.00                        
Rain Cap    Stainless  10"             $96.00                       
Rain Cap    Stainless  12"            $130.00                              
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Stainless Chimney Cap Vents  
Stainless Attic Roof Vent Cap
Roof Cap       Stainless   4"     $60.00                           
Roof Cap       Stainless   6"     $70.00                           
Roof Cap       Stainless   7"     $81.00                           
Roof Cap       Stainless   8"     $92.00                           
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Stainless Chimney Caps
    Product   Metal  Size         Price

Wall VentStainless3" $94.00   
Wall VentStainless5" $98.00  
Wall VentStainless        7"        $110.00         
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          Damper Only    Screen Only      W/Both
Wall VentStainless8" $139.00  
Wall VentStainless6" $102.00  
Wall VentStainless4" $95.00   
Wall VentStainless       10"       $149.00  
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Stainless Commercial Vents
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Stainless Wind Defender Wall Vent

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Stainless Breidert Cap
Stainless Spinning Turbine Vent
stainless steel roof vent caps installed on shake roof
stainless steel chimney cap installed with screen
Stainless Roof Vents
stainless warehouse industrial barn vent
heavy commercial roofing vent
stainless steel turbine vent installed
Stainless Turbine Vents
stainless blocking wall vent installed
Stainless Wind Defender
Stainless Wind Cap
Wind Cap Dimensions
Premium Stainless Steel Chimney Caps will resist rust and last longer than standard galvanized or aluminum caps. We offer 3 different styles. The standard rain/shanty cap, the rotating wind directional cap and the fixed vacuum cap. Our wind directional cap is our best seller and helps your fireplace draft properly in windy environments. The cap pivots on top and aligns with the wind so it is always providing a wind buffer and allowing the smoke to escape the flue without being pushed back down the stack.
Stainless Turbine Vents
Key Product Specifications
  •  304 Stainless Turbine Vent
  • Maintenance Free Jewel Bearing Design
  • Lower Energy Costs Using Green Ventilation
  • No Electrical Wiring Costs
  • Moves more CFM than standard passive roof vents
Wind Cap          Stainless   4"     $75.00                       
Wind Cap          Stainless   6"     $85.00                       
Wind Cap          Stainless   8"     $95.00                        
Wind Cap          Stainless  10"    $106.00                       
Wind Cap          Stainless  12"    $165.00                              
Vacuum  Cap    Stainless   4"     $50.00                       
Vacuum  Cap    Stainless   6"     $59.00                       
Vacuum  Cap    Stainless   8"     $73.00                        
Vacuum  Cap    Stainless 10"     $92.00                       
Vacuum  Cap    Stainless 12"     $115.00                              
     ProductMetal    Size             Price                           

Stainless Commercial Industrial Large Barn Vents

decorative barn vents
Luxury Metals stainless steel industrial barn vents
stainless steel coastal wall vent stops rattling damper doors
  • Industrial Building Venting
  • Warehouse Venting
  • Manufacturing Excess Heat Venting
  • Barn Ventilation
  • Commercial Buildings

    Product   Metal  Size         Price

Rain Cap Dimensions
Vacuum Cap
Wall VentStainless       12"       $149.00  
Need a different size cap or a spark screen? Check Here
Need a double wall or tile flue chimney adapter? Check Here
Roof Cap       Stainless 10"     $150.00                           
Roof Cap       Stainless 12"     $175.00                           

  •     Ventiliaton For Commercial, Industrial, Homes
  •     Roof Exhaust and Attic Ventilation
  •     Warehouse and Metal Building Ventilation
  •     Storm Shelter and Outhouse Vent Covers
  •     Landfill and Environmental Gas Vent Covers
  •     Shipping and Storage Container Vents
Copper Turbines Click Here
            Aluminum or Galvanized Turbines Click Here

Turbine       Stainless   4"     $160.00                           
Turbine       Stainless   6"     $180.00                           
Turbine       Stainless   8"     $200.00                           
Turbine       Stainless         10"     $240.00                           
Turbine       Stainless 12"     $300.00                           
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Wind DefenderStainless3" $64.00   
Wind DefenderStainless5" $84.00  
Wind DefenderStainless        7"        $91.00         
Wind DefenderStainless8" $139.00  
Wind DefenderStainless6" $87.00  
Wind DefenderStainless4" $80.00   
Wind DefenderStainless       10"       $149.00  
Wind DefenderStainless       12"       $149.00  
Damper Only
Damper & Screen
  • Quiet, Tension Damper Closure
  • More Energy Efficient Seal Saves Costs
  • Quality Thicker Metal and Pest Proof
  • Wind Guard Prevents Wind Rattle
  • Attractive Side Wall Ventilation


  • 304b Stainless Steel
  • Sizes Available 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 10", 12"
  • Use for All Exhaust Needs
  • For Dryers Vents select "Damper Only"
  • For Bathroom & Kitchen select "Damper & Screen

Barn Vent    Stainless   4"     $85.00                       
Barn Vent    Stainless   6"     $109.00                       
Barn Vent    Stainless   8"              $115.00                        
Barn Vent   Stainless  10"             $135.00                       
Barn Vent    Stainless  12"             $155.00                              
Barn Vent           Stainless  14"    $185.00                       
Barn Vent           Stainless  16"    $265.00                       
Barn Vent           Stainless  18"    $335.00                        
Barn Vent           Stainless  20"    $455.00                       
Barn Vent           Stainless  24"    $495.00                              
Warehouse Vent        Stainless   4"     $129.00                       
Warehouse Vent        Stainless   6"     $149.00                       
Warehouse Vent        Stainless   8"     $229.00                        
Warehouse Vent        Stainless 10"     $279.00                       
Warehouse Vent        Stainless 12"     $379.00                              
Warehouse Vent        Stainless 14"     $479.00                       
Warehouse Vent        Stainless 16"     $579.00                       
Warehouse Vent        Stainless 18"     $679.00                        
Warehouse Vent        Stainless 20"     $979.00                       
Warehouse Vent        Stainless 24"     $1399.00                              
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  • Heavy Long Lasting Thick Gauge Stainless
  • Draft Inducing Caps
  • Rain, Wind and Weather Proof Designs
  • Traditional Look and Style
  • Larger Sizes Available. Email or Call Us

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(Aero Foil)
Stainless Wind Defender
Stainless Turbine Vent
Attic/Roof Cap 
Flat Louvered Stainless Dryer Vent
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