heavy duty metal dryer vent
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metal roof top dryer vent

Details and Benefits
  • Durable 26 Gauge Thick Metal
  • Standard Dryer Vent is 4" Diameter
  • Available in Sizes 3" to 12" Round
  • Pipe Length is 8.5" for Stainless and  Galvanized and 5" for Copper Vents
  • Proven Wind and Rain Proof Design
  Product   Metal                    Size   Price

Dryer Vent    Galvanized            4"   $39.00  
Dryer Vent    Galvanized            5"   $41.00  
Dryer Vent    Galvanized            8"   $48.00  
Dryer Vent    Galvanized           10"  $70.00  
Dryer Vent    Galvanized           12"  $80.00  
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copper 4 inch dryer vent cap with damper
Galvanized Steel Dryer Vents
Product     Metal             Size   Price

Dryer Vent     Copper             3"   $76.00  
Dryer Vent     Copper             6"   $84.00  
Dryer Vent     Copper             8"   $139.00  
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Copper Dryer Vents
Product   Metal                Size    Price
stainless exterior dryer vent cap
Dryer Vent    Stainless            4"   $77.00  
Dryer Vent    Stainless            6"         $84.00  
Dryer Vent    Stainless            8"   $139.00  
Dryer Vent    Stainless           10" $149.00  
Dryer Vent    Stainless           12" $149.00  
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Stainless Steel Dryer Vents
Premium Heavy Duty Metal Dryer Vents To Complement Your Home
You Won't Find Heavy Duty Quality Vents Like These in Hardware Stores
Key Product Specifications
  • USES: Dryer Exhaust or other exhaust 
  • Termination Damper installed to prevent downdraft 
  • Screen: 1/4 inch metal screen in hood to keep pests out  (Remove Screen for Dryer)
  • Made of heavy duty 26 gauge galvanized steel or 16 oz copper
Product Options
  • Materials - Copper, Galvanized or Powder Coated Galvanized
  • Black Vent - Available in 4" Round
6"x10" & 10"x10" Rectangular HERE
  • Copper Vent - Available in 4", 6", 8", 10" round
Click Here for Copper Dimensions
  • For use on pitched roofs only

Dampered Vent for Roof Mount Dryer Exhaust
Copper Roof Dryer Vent
Product                          Metal         Size    Price                      

Roof Dryer Vent        Copper         4"         $124.00                    
Roof Dryer Vent         Copper         6"         $147.00                    
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stainless 4 inch dryer vent cover with damper door
Dryer Vent     Copper             7"   $91.00  
Dryer Vent     Copper             5"   $80.00  
Dryer Vent     Copper             4"   $77.00  
Dryer Vent    Stainless            7"         $91.00  
Dryer Vent    Stainless            3"   $76.00  
Dryer Vent    Stainless            5"   $80.00  
copper roof top dryer vent
copper dryer vent
heavy duty metal dryer vent
black roof dyer vent
Black Roof Dryer Vent
                                                 Box of 4
Product                Metal Size         Price                      

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Galvanized Roof Dryer Vent
                                                 Box of 4
Product               Metal         Size           Price                     

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Dampered Vent    Galv             4" $39.00                                   $156.00

Dampered Vent    Galv     6"          $46.00                                  $184.00  

Dampered Vent    Galv     7"          $69.00                                  $276.00

Dampered Vent    Galv            8"          $89.00                                $356.00

Dampered Vent     Black      4" Round  $49.00                               $196.00

Dampered Vent    Galv             5" $43.00                                   $172.00
wall vent exhaust specification
wall vent exhaust specification
Dryer Vents
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Dryer Vent    Galvanized            6"   $42.00  
Dryer Vent     Copper           10"  $149.00  
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Roof Dryer Vent         Copper         8"         $163.00                    
Roof Dryer Vent         Copper         10"       $193.00                    
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Dryer Vent    Galvanized            7"   $46.00  
Dryer Vent    Galvanized            3"   $37.00  
Deluxe Dryer Vents
    Product      Metal        Size   Price

Dryer Vent      Galvanized            4"   $49.00  
Dryer Vent      White               4"   $59.00  
Dryer Vent      Black                     4"   $59.00  
Dryer Vent      Brown                    4"   $59.00  
Our best dryer vents have a wind guard to prevent wind rattle and block animals from accessing the damper door, as well as a small magnet and spring on the damper door to ensure proper closure. Availble in galvanized and powder coated white, black and brown
Standard Dryer Vent Size = 4" Diameter
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