--> Rainscreen wall vents by Luxury Metals

  • Compatible with Rainscreen Applications
  • Waterproof When Installed Properly
  • Eliminates Leaking Behind Vent
  • Removable Hood Allows Access 
  • Thick Metal Ready for Paint
  • Hemmed Edges for Durability
  • Quick Easy Installation
  • Sturdy American Made Parts

Technical Details
  • Vent Hood in Pre Primed Galvaneal
  • For Use in Heavy Moisture Environment
  • Used For Dryer Vent and Bath Vent
  • Used For Range Hood Vent and Air Intake
  • Used on Apartments and Condos
  • Available in Round Connect Only
  • Call us for Copper or Stainless Steel
  • Email us for Stucco Specific Vent

Stop Water Infiltration with Rainscreen Wall Vents!
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Water Tight - Thick Metal - 2 Piece Construction - Drip Edge
copper wind defender wind blocking side wall vent cap
ProductMetal       Size   Price

Rain Screen    Galvaneal         4"   $89.00  
Rain Screen    Galvaneal         6"   $99.00  
Rain Screen    Galvaneal         8"   $115.00  
Rain Screen    Galvaneal        10"  $129.00  
Rain Screen    Galvaneal        12"  $145.00  
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          W/ Screen                      W/ Damper                      W/ Both
Single Connection
Rain Screen    Galvaneal         7"   $105.00  
Rain Screen    Galvaneal         5"   $95.00  
Rain Screen    Galvaneal         3"   $79.00  
Galvaneal Metal Rain Screen Wall Vent (Single Connection)
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"These detatchable hood rain screen vents are hard to find! I'm glad I found you and we were very pleased with the quality we got the vents when we opened the packages. Thanks for a top notch product and timely delivery!"  
Christian S. Seattle WA

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What is a Rainscreen and Why Do I Need a Rainscreen Vent?

A rainscreen is an exterior cladding system featuring an air gap between the exterior cladding and the water-resistant barrier. The air gap is created by vertical furring attached to the wall, with the cladding fastened to framing or nailable substrate through the furring. Rainscreen walls are used in moist environments where water can easily get behind the siding and create moisture and rot issues.

In order to properly vent a dryer, bathroom or range hood through a rainscreen wall, a two piece vent is needed. The vent tube and flashing are attached and properly sealed and waterproofed to the side of the building using a water tight barrier. Then the vertical furring is installed creating the rainscreen effect. After this, the siding is installed and finally the hood of the rainscreen vent attached. When installed properly, this wall vent system will prevent water from being able to enter behind the wall penetration and prevent potential water intrusion problems.

Additional information, literature and resources can be found by clicking links below:

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Pre-Primed Galvaneal Hood
Ready for Paint
Installed Hood
Flashing Behind Building Wrap
Installed Hood Ready for Paint
2 Piece Construction
Side View Example of Sheathing and Siding with Vent Hood Kit
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Double Connection
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Triple Connection
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