quality stainless steel wind blocking anti smoke chimney cap
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Improve Your Chimney Draft and Stop Smoke in the House Once and For All!
Wind Directional Chimney Cap (Wind Cap) 
  • Stops Stubborn Wind Draft Problems
  • Very Effective in Coastal and Windy Areas
  • Self Aligning Cap Improves the Chimney Draft
  • Hood Keeps Horizontal Rain Out of Chimney
  • Easy to Install (Use sheet metal screws)
  • Premium Metal Construction
  • Single and Insulated Wall Pipe for Chimneys
  • Rectangular Masonry Chimneys
  • Flu Pipe Protection for Other Exhaust Needs 
  • Use for All Exhaust (chimney, water heater, pilot light)
  • Sizes 4" to 12" Available (Optional Spark Screen)
Galvanized or Stainless Steel Rotating Chimney Caps Protect Against Downdraft, Smoke & Weather

Product      Metal             Size    Without Screen                      With Screen

Wind D. Cap     Galvanized        5"        $66.00   $76.00
Wind D. Cap     Galvanized        6"        $69.00    $79.00 
Wind D. Cap     Galvanized        8"        $89.00    $99.00 
Wind D. Cap    Galvanized        10"       $175.00                                  $185.00  
Wind D. Caps   Galvanized       12"       $225.00                                  $235.00 
Galvanized Wind Cap
Stainless Steel Wind Cap


Product      Metal            Size    Without Screen                       With Screen        

Wind D. Cap     Stainless          5"        $119.00                                   $129.00
Wind D. Cap     Stainless          6"        $125.00                          $135.00
Wind D. Cap     Stainless          8"        $135.00                                   $145.00
Wind D. Cap     Stainless 10"      $195.00                                    $205.00
Wind D. Cap     Stainless 12"      $265.00                                   $275.00
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Wind D. Cap     Stainless          4"        $115.00                                    $125.00
Wind D. Cap     Stainless          7"        $130.00                          $140.00
Wind D. Cap     Stainless 9"        $155.00                                   $165.00
Wind D. Cap     Galvanized        7"        $85.00    $95.00 
Wind D. Cap     Galvanized        4"        $65.00   $75.00
Wind D. Cap    Galvanized         9"        $125.00    $135.00 
heavy metal wind blocking chimney cap stops smoke in the house
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The most effective draft inducing Chimney Caps are able to:
#1: Separate the wind stream as it flows over the cap
#2: Rotate to align with the direction of the wind
Our Wind Directional Caps provide maximum drafting  by accomplishing both of these items

When installed, the pivoting hood is kept in proper position (relative to the wind) by the vane. Air movement past the hood creates a partial vacuum in the flue enhancing efficiency and helping to prevent downdraft. 

The sizes below are designed to fit the outside diameter of your single wall chimney pipe.  If installing on square masonry tile or on to double and triple wall pipe see our adapters HERE.
How the Wind Cap Works
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Wind Blocker Chimney Cowl
Stainless Steel Wind Blocking Chimney Cap
American Made Metal Chimney Vents  by Luxury Metals
wind shielding chimney caps are perfect for windy coastal climates
revolving wind blocking chimney cap installed
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10 Inch Galvanized Metal Wind Chimney Cap
6 Inch Stainless Rotating Wind Chimney Cap
Wind Cap Installation Videos: #1, #2, #3
Customer Submitted Wind Directional Chimney Cap Installation Videos Below
installed wind chimney cap in use
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6 Inch Stainless Rotating Wind Chimney Cap in Use
Wind Directional Cap: The Chimney Cap with Many Names
  • Rooster Tail Chimney Vent
  • Backpuffing Prevention Cap
  • Foul Weather Chimney Cap
  • Coastal Chimney Cap
  • Wind Warrior
  • Self-Aligning Cap
  • Wind Cap Stack
  • Wind Blocker Top
  • Rotational Chimney Cap 
  • Spartan Cap
  • Swivel Cap
  • Venturi Chimney Cowl
  • Wind Resistant Fireplace Top
  •  Chimney Wind Deflector
  •  Speedi Wind Cap
  • Spanish Conquistador Cowl 

    Whatever you call it. . . .it works!