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rust and decay resistant stainless steel wind cap
Rotating Chimney Wind Caps Improve Fireplace and Stove Drafting and Prevent Inside Smoke which can lead to danger and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Luxury Metals Wind Directional Chimney Caps work well for wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, gas appliances, pellet stoves and all other exhaust needs. The hood cover revolves to block wind, horizontal rain, snow and prevent smoke from backpuffing into your house. If you are having trouble drafting a rooftop vent in a windy environment, try our self-aligning cap.

The sealed and lubricated spindle system swivels to block the prevailing wind, allowing proper chimney venting and prevention of smoke and downdraft. Works well for stubborn pilot lights as well.

Luxury Metals sells an efficient high quality chimney cap which helps provide maximum draft while preventing downdraft in heavy wind environments. Our thicker gauge, heavy duty chimney cap sits atop your stove pipe and pivots with the wind to keep rain and wind from entering your chimney and creates a vacuum effect. How do you prevent a fireplace smoke problem? Ask a professional and try a chimney cap designed to eliminate smoke problems.
Wind Cap Metal Chimney Caps by Luxury Metals
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Does Your House Fill with Smoke When You Light A Fire?
Enjoy a Cozy Fire without Setting off Your Fire Alarm By Using a Wind Directional Cap

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“Dear Luxury Metals: For some reason we don't see many of these swiveling wind caps in the midwest. They are very hard to find! We had smoke in our house every time the wind came from the north. We found you with Google and ordered an 8 Inch Wind Directional Chimney Cap and it has worked very well. Thank you! We now have fire without the smoke.

-Barbara in Omaha, Nebraska
The Wind Directional Cap is known in different parts of the country by different names. Some of those names include:

Roman Helmet Cap, Chimney Cowl, Chimney Backdraft Cap, 360 Degree Vent , Weather Vane Cap, High Wind Vent, Revolving Chimney Cap, Rooster Tail Chimney Vent, Backpuffing Prevention Cap, Foul Weather Chimney Cap, Coastal Chimney Cap, Wind Warrior, Self-Aligning Cap, Wind Cap Stack, Wind Blocker Top, Rotational Chimney Cap, Spartan Cap, Swivel Cap, Venturi Chimney Cowl, Wind Resistant Fireplace Top, Chimney Wind Deflector, Speedi Wind Cap, Spanish Conquistador Cowl and Many More. Looking for Mark Stevens Industries Chimney Caps? This is a similar wind cap.

We’re confident that our wind blocking chimney caps will improve your chimney draft and will happily refund you if you are not satisfied and do not see an improvement with your smoke problem. Stay warm by the fire this winter!

Dave writes these informative blog posts and he'll answer the phone or call/email you back quickly if you have questions.

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Rust and Decay Resistant Stainless Steel Wind Cap

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8 inch stainless wind chimney cap
8 inch stainless wind chimney cap