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copper roof pipe boot cover
Roof Vent Pipe Boot Product Specs & Dimensions 
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Standard Pitch Pipe Boot
Pictured In Copper
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Black Roof Pipe Boot Plumbing Flange Installed
Brown Plumbing Flashing boot over PVC Installed
Thick Metal Soil Stack Roof Flashing
Metal Plumbing Vent Pipe Boot Cover Installed
Adjustable Triangular Cavity Fits Over the Existing Cheap Rubber Boot


  • Will Not Crack or Split from Sun or Weather
  • Totally Encloses the Top of Vent Pipe
  • Allows Minimal Obstruction to Pipe Opening
  • Is Malleable and Conforms to Inside of Sewer Pipe
  • Ring Clamp Creates Double Seal of Pipe
  • Long Lasting - 30-50 Years
  • Telescoping Design Allows the Lead Seal to Remain Undisturbed by Expansion and Contraction of the Roof
  • Lead Top
  • Telescoping Sleeve
slate gray pipe boot
copper roof pipe boot cover


  • Frost Resistant Design Prevents Freezing Over
  • Patented Two Piece Telescopic Cover-All Design Provides Complete Enclosure of DWV Pipe and Roof Penetration Point.
  • Permanent Three Point Seal Unaffected by Daily Roof Movement and Structure Settling.
  • No.1 style Ring Clamp Top Mechanically Seals DWV Pipe Orifice I.D. and O.D.
  • Prestamped Base Flashing Raised Bosses Permanently Seal at Nailing Points.
  • Installs Without Removal or Alteration of Existing Shingle Pattern. Fits All Architectural and 3 Tab Shingles.
  • Folded Hip Corner Tabs Adjust Base to Fit Exact Roof Pitch.
  • Suitable for New Construction, Tear-Off and Retrofit.
  • Retrofits Over Many Existing Flashings.
  • Impervious to All Extreme Weather and Storm Conditions.
  • 10 Year Warranty When Properly Installed. 

Steep Pitch Pipe Boot

copper roof pipe boot cover
Special Pitch Pipe Boot
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Physical Properties

  • 16 oz. Copper
  • 26 Gauge Galvanized
  • Kynar Tough Powder Coating
  • Lead Cap Stamped 2.5 lb Chemical Sheet. 99.6% Pure
  • Ring Clamp Top

Standard Pitch Specs

SizePitchBase LengthBase WidthTop HeightSleeve Travel

  2"1/12-11/1213.7"12"8"   1-3"
  3"1/12-11/1216.2"15"8"   1-3"
  4"1/12-11/1218.3"16"8"   1-3"
  5"1/12-11/1218.3"16"8"   1-3"

Steep Pitch Specs

SizePitchBase LengthBase WidthTop HeightSleeve Travel

  2"5/12-15/1213.7"12"8"   1-3"
  3"5/12-15/1216.2"15"8"   1-3"
  4"5/12-15/1218.3"16"8"   1-3"
  5"5/12-15/1218.3"16"8"   1-3"


  • Cut vent pipe approximately 2" above top of base sleeve to allow for roof movement (expansion and contraction).
  • Place flange on roof beside vent pipe to adjust exact pitch. Use hip corners to increase or decrease pitch.
  • Place flange over pipe, rotate under at least one row of shingles.
  • Center base sleeve around DWV pipe so there is approximately 1" of air space around perimeter.
  • Install top sleeve. Tighten ring clamp.